Why Do You Select Toyota Landcruiser Wagon?

Why Do You Select Toyota Landcruiser Wagon?

Why Do You Select Toyota Landcruiser Wagon?

Toyota Landcruiser wagon is a variant of the Landcruiser series by Toyota. When it gets older, it tends to be better. It can be used to reveal and describe this car. This was the first car launched in 1995 and look so strong and strong though it is fairly old. The selling price is amazing in which it can be sold at $20.000 to $25.000 for the 90s cars.

The exterior of the Toyota Landcruiser Wagon

This Toyota car is a luxury SUV with jumbo size that has been the choice of the collector. The competitor in this field is rather limited such as Mitsubishi Pajero and Nissan Patrol. This car becomes a popular one. It is also famous for being a strong car and fuel economical car with a 4.2 L engine. This SUV car has the overall length of 4.8 meters with the masculine design and long body. The headlamp is still embedded the old features but it doesn’t make this car look timeless.

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Toyota Landcruiser wagon has thick body plat describing that it is strong and leading. With the body and high ground clearance, this car is able to kick out all types of the terrain and high water. Moreover, it is supported by 4x4 ability. The specification of the exterior is 4.820 mm, high of 1870 mm, wheelbase 2850 mm, net weight 2159 kg, and the width of 1930 mm.

Interior of Toyota Land Cruiser

The design of this car takes a 90s model. The dashboard panel is dominated by grey color with a black color accent in some parts such as AC part and speedometer instruments. The thick and comfortable seats are covered by high-quality leather. It has been embedded by head unit double – din in the central cluster directing to the driver. The given features are fair such as ABS, dual airbags, and cooling in box console. To be a great SUV car, this car offers a spacious cabin space. However, in the third line, it looks narrow.

This car offers the comfort for the driver and passengers due to the high-quality and soft seats. The flexibility of the driver is taking a priority of the seat setting availability electrically. The high driving position increases the driver’s visibility so that it feels spacious though the body of this car is very long. It has some safety features embedded in this car such as AC with rear blower, power windows, central lock, electrically adjustable seat, head unit 2-din, 5 speakers, and double airbags. Those make you fall in love with Toyota Landcruiser wagon.
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